Our Community

“How truly amazing is it that we find ourselves surrounded by friends that support not only the start of our theatre company, but our relationship in such a positive way?” Lexie and I have said the following phrase more times than I can count. There was a time that this wasn’t the case. Lately, I have been thinking of the shifts we go through in life. The people that we have to ask to “please exit stage left” so that we can create a more positive stage picture for ourselves and to make way for those waiting in the wings. Over the last couple of years, we have had to let certain people in our lives go. Not because we dislike these people. There are many people who I care about that (though I may not have realized it at the time) made me a more negative person. Being someone’s friend is like auditioning for a play. You may get a callback, you may even get cast in the show… but after awhile you may not serve the best interest of the show so you have to be recast.

I can’t say enough good things about the people that we are surrounded by now. So many joyous people. Business owners in our community that are always willing to listen and give advice when needed. Friends who are constantly asking how and when they can help. Other married couples that remind us that we have to support and actively participate in our own relationship. Our family who never ceases to amaze us. And of course, our fantastic Fox Theatre family who show us no end of support - which we are forever grateful.

Maria Popova said, “There is no greater feat of the creative spirit than the marriage of good work and good person hood, talent, and integrity, poise and principle.” This is what we strive for everyday. When you can let your ego go and just do the work that you are supposed to do (not for your best interest, but for the community and your art) people notice. There must be passion in what we do. If you are not passionate then why would you put yourself through opening a theatre company? I can tell you from experience it isn’t the money. You do it because it is the gift that you have been given to make the world just a little bit better- just a little bit more enchanting for two hours of someone’s evening. We find ourselves surrounded with such a great community because what we want more than anything is to enhance and help our community. Statistics show that where there is a thriving art scene people are happier, kids are smarter and more engaged, and even the economy grows. We are lucky to live in a state steeped in such a rich and vibrant multi-cultural history. There are so many different backgrounds coming together to help us see, listen, and experience so many forms of art. It is something that I feel we should be proud of.

Before I sign off here is a quick update on our Greater Tuna rehearsals. This has been some of the most fun I’ve ever had. This show is filled with laughter on and off the stage. I can’t say enough about our Greater Tuna crew. Chris McDowell impresses us everyday with his continued character development. Every rehearsal he finds something new and fun to play with in the scenes. This is no easy task when you are playing over 10 roles. We are already working with our costume changes and transitions. I don’t think I have ever had to rehearse what happens behind the scenes more than with this show. I guess in other shows you don’t walk off stage looking for the character you are about to enter as. There are a couple of recorded radio segments in the show. Last week, Chris and I went to my father-in-law's (our awesome sound guru) house to record them. I have never had to try that hard not to laugh in my life. It is so difficult to talk about it and not give anything away. Just know that it has to be some of the most fun anyone can have. Can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Remember to look for the joy! See you next week.